Covenant Community

Morgan Park is governed by a Restrictive and Enforceable Covenant and is, registered with the City of Baltimore. Document may be found in the Public Records for the City of Baltimore. Residents of Morgan Park may contact a Board member for a copy. Our Constitution which promotes the general welfare and safety of our residents may also be obtained from a Board Members. For over 100 years our residents have lived in a quiet peaceful "park-like" setting known as Morgan Park, in part due to our "Restrictive and Enforceable Covenant. The Executive Board and residents of Morgan Park are charged with adhering to the covenant as well as being respectful neighbors to each other. If you See something, Say something!!!!

The Association Needs Your Help!

It doesn't matter if you've served before, we all have and are still working on your behalf. The Board needs help, if "The Park" is going to continue its long-standing tradition of being a safe , beautiful and desirable community, we need your help, young and old. Don't leave our future in just a few hands and then complain in silence. We need your voice and service. MPIA needs your help, attend meetings, join a committee.

*Live meetings have been cancelled due to COVID-19, until further notice.

Be an Active Member and Neighbor

Be an active member and neighborThe kind that would be missedDon't be just contentedThat your name is on the list.
Do attend the meetingsAnd mingle with the crowdDon't stay at homeand complain both long and loud.
Don't leave the work for just a fewAnd gripe about the clique'And take time out to visitA neighbor who is sick .
There is quite a program scheduledAnd it can be accomplished with the help of everyone.
So, attend the meetings regularlyAnd help with hand and heartBe an active memberAnd take an active part.
Think this over, Neighbor/MemberAre we right or are we wrong?Be an active memberPlease don't just belong

Are You picking Up After Your Pet?

Besides being unsightly and smelly, animal waste can be hazardous to the health of our child who play in the neighborhood, and other pets. One of the most common forms of disease transmission between dogs is through fecal matter.

It is important to remember to immediately clean up after your pet(s). When walking your dog, take along a baggie to pick up waste and then dispose of it properly. Also, when walking your dog in our neighborhood, remember that it must be leashed. Thank you for being neighborly.

Reprinted from the Gazelle, October 2018