Welcome to Morgan Park

Morgan Park consists of 27 acres of land in a "park-like" setting. To our residents Morgan Park is known as the "Park". Located off of Coldspring Lane, adjacent to Morgan State University. Morgan Park is a "private oasis" with a quiet country vibe. The residents of Morgan Park prides themselves on their manicured lawns, and beautiful gardens. Morgan Park is also characterized as a community with neighbors who lookout for and respect each other. The diversity of its architectural design of homes (no two homes are alike) really makes Morgan Park a unique community.

We have had the honor of having several distinguished residents living in "the park". the founder of one of the oldest african american newspaper "The Afro" Carl Murphy, His granddaughter; the current editor of the Afro still resides in Morgan Park. Other distinguished residents included Senator Louise G. Murphy, WEB Dubois, Roland McConnell, Dr. Rebecca Carroll just to mention a few. all of whom made tremendous contributions to our community. country state and city. We are governed by a Restrictive Covenant, Executive Board and Constitution. Morgan Park is a diverse and welcoming community. How proud we were when in 2019 Morgan Park received the distinguished honor of becoming a National Historical Community,